SwingFest 2021 - Covid-19 Precautions

We need your help to keep Covid out!

Lateral Flow Tests

Here's what you need to do before coming to SwingFest...

Get yourself some lateral flow tests. They're easy to use and they're completely FREE. Take a test a few days before the event and another each morning before travelling. Negative - you're good to go (but please don't come if you have any Covid symptoms). Positive - at least you know you're keeping everyone safe by not going anywhere. Tell us immediately.

Record the results

Keep evidence of your tests - the best way is by entering the results on the NHS App or NHS website. If you were to test positive after the event we might ask you to show your pre-event negative results.

After the event

Keep using the lateral flow tests - and get a PCR test if you have any symptoms. If you test positive tell us immediately so that we can inform NHS track and trace.

If you've had both Covid-19 vaccine doses you won't need to isolate from 16th August (the day after SwingFest) from a contact with a positive case.

At the event

Face coverings

Face coverings are entirely optional but welcome. The government still recommends wearing them indoors. We don't mind either way but ask that everyone respect others' choices.

Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is available throughout the venue and must be used on re-entry to any room. We encourage using it regularly throughout the day.


In the Ballroom we can have the windows open throughout the workshops. They have to be closed for the live music but then the venue's phenomenal air-conditioning will spring into action.

In the Club Room the air conditioning is equally impressive - and a huge ceiling air fan constantly draws air to outside through a large vent in the roof.

Dance rotation/partners

If and with whom you dance is YOUR CHOICE. In the workshops we are allowing partners or small groups to stay together, or people to rotate partners if happy. Please tell us well in advance which applies to you (we'll be e-mailing everyone to ask but you can add it as a note on your booking at checkout). In the dances please don't expect anyone to dance with you - respect their choice and a simple "no I'm not ready to dance with everyone yet" is polite and enough.

Seating/Chill-out areas

During all the band shows/dances we'll have areas you can relax and get away from it all.


We're strictly limiting numbers to substantially fewer than capacity and it's advance booking only.